• Posted on: 14 February 2019
  • By: tihomiry

NGC 7000, South America nebula in Cygnus, taken by me from NAO Rozhen. 2 shots composed by 45 frames @ 30s, ISO 51200 with SW 200pds and Pentax k-5. Same processing with DeepSky Stacker and LightRoom. It is obvious that JPG compression is blurring the details but not the noise even at 100% quality. Thus colors in JPG are easier to restore due to the less color depth – 8 bit per Chanel. The same as your screen.
So as conclusion I may say always use RAW. The difference is significant.

This is RAW stack

This is JPEG stack

Recently I started to use Siril for processing my images as I was shown a new tool for star extraction Starnet++.

Since beginning of 2023 Chat GPT was launched as a human language model and start a new era of technological development.

As may times I said it is essential to keep all your shots over the years, as you can go back and reprocess them.
Make new discoveries or improve the resulting image quality.

When we have a new newton telescope we shroud avoid touch the collimation of the secondary mirror as we may get into troubles.