The AI tool Starnet++ is the next level in astrophotography

  • Posted on: 26 September 2023
  • By: tihomiry

Recently I started to use Siril for processing my images as I was shown a new tool for star extraction Starnet++. Deviding the stars from the background is especially useful when processing images of nebulas as this way you can focus on stretching just the nebulosity and get the maximum of it.
The results are really fantastic and this is due to the AI engine of this app that is knowing what the object is. Therefore enchase those pixels that are related with the signal.
This is a completely new Era of the astrophotography. I was wondering if the processed photos are really mine, but careful inspections shows that all I see is actually there on my shot, I just had not the skills and tools to bring it up before.

You no more need large sensors and heavy equipment to do good general photos. The recent development of image sensors put silicon chip capabilities to it's limit by

Knowing what you are looking for is more then half way to achieving it. Breakthrough Listen is a SETI kind of project that listen for artificial signals from 1700 nearby stars up to 160 light years.

Some shots from Sofia. A very bright sky place. Zenith sky brightness info (2015): SQM 19.13 mag./arc sec2 Brightness 2.41 mcd/m2, Artif. bright. 2230 μcd/m2, Bortle class 6.

It is very important how you manage your data. So much shots, so much frames. They are full of hidden data that could be revealed later. The far we look the more we see. Each feint dot could be a galaxy far far way.

Nowadays we are so into the globalization and technologies, that I can submit observation plan to a remote, professional observatory at the other part of the word!