The AI tool Starnet++ is the next level in astrophotography

  • Posted on: 26 September 2023
  • By: tihomiry

Recently I started to use Siril for processing my images as I was shown a new tool for star extraction Starnet++. Deviding the stars from the background is especially useful when processing images of nebulas as this way you can focus on stretching just the nebulosity and get the maximum of it.
The results are really fantastic and this is due to the AI engine of this app that is knowing what the object is. Therefore enchase those pixels that are related with the signal.
This is a completely new Era of the astrophotography. I was wondering if the processed photos are really mine, but careful inspections shows that all I see is actually there on my shot, I just had not the skills and tools to bring it up before.

This is a comparison of my not modified Pentax k5 DSLR and the same, but modified one without IR-cut filter.

Astrotracer is a great way to take advantage of the Pentax DSLR camera in-body shake reduction mechanism. It is available since Pentax k5 and track celestial bodies by moving the sensor. Here is what is it ablout:

Staying at my home inspires me to make some documentation of my experience. I got a dedicated drive for my astrophotos and start reorganize them by objects. Here is an article of the most recent process I use on my photos. Enjoy: )

For a few months from now Betelgeuse (Alpha Orion) dim so much, that it looks as bright as the stars in the Orion belt. This is not so disturbing and does not mean that cataclysmic events are happening with it.

For my last trip to the Rodopa mountain I decided to cross the limits and to target an object that is hard to believe that a non-professional equipment could catch.