The AI tool Starnet++ is the next level in astrophotography

  • Posted on: 26 September 2023
  • By: tihomiry

Recently I started to use Siril for processing my images as I was shown a new tool for star extraction Starnet++. Deviding the stars from the background is especially useful when processing images of nebulas as this way you can focus on stretching just the nebulosity and get the maximum of it.
The results are really fantastic and this is due to the AI engine of this app that is knowing what the object is. Therefore enchase those pixels that are related with the signal.
This is a completely new Era of the astrophotography. I was wondering if the processed photos are really mine, but careful inspections shows that all I see is actually there on my shot, I just had not the skills and tools to bring it up before.

While cleaning up my PC I found sequences of shots of Virgo galaxy cluster taken during springs of the last 2 years. Those were attempts to shot this object, but I was not satisfied with the result and left them.

I recently bought a pocket spectroscope for laboratory use. You can find it at Ali for 5$. It is with glass prism and well build. So I did some test to use with a telescope but did not This is an amazing resource. Detailed atlas of all the sky with NGC and IC objects.

Reading a new product that claims to be 100x time more powerful then conventional telescope, I realise that this is just an astrograph with a digital camera that is doing stacked images and show them trought eyepiece or App.

I am so impressed with the K5 ability to quickly gather signal from nebulas (Quantum efficiency) and galaxies, so I decide to take one more K5 and to remove the IR-cut Filter of the old one.