> Clarity function in Photoshop for landscape

  • Posted on: 4 November 2015
  • By: tihomiry

We can check what is like to process day shot with similar to astrophotography techniques. It is cloudy in Bulgaria for the next week or so and I took shots of the nearby mountain trough the fog with 200mm lens. The fog has similar effect to the earth atmosphere by blurring the image. To observe the stars from the earth is similar to look from the bottom of a pool as the atmosphere cause severe image degradation due to the turbulence.
For the day shots we should not worry for the noise so much as we shoot at low ISO. Even, if after processing some comes up this could be more like an effect to the photo. Most of the best photos has even added noise to look more natural.
So here is a single frame as it shot and compared to the processed result. The processing is as follows:
1. Use clarity to increase contrast of the mid tones
2. Touch a bit saturation and especially reduce the blue channel but not the luminense. There is a blue peak that I want to reduce. I do not want to shift it towards light or dark with the luminense setting, as I will change the color balance. I want to show some green from the treas
3. Touch the curves to correct the shadows and highlights and increase the histogram width thus the dynamic range of the photo (This is the common astrophotography technique). This usually increase the noise dramatically.
As a result we got much more clear image with details in exchange of few noise that we will keep :)


When we have a new newton telescope we shroud avoid touch the collimation of the secondary mirror as we may get into troubles.

You no more need large sensors and heavy equipment to do good general photos. The recent development of image sensors put silicon chip capabilities to it's limit by

Knowing what you are looking for is more then half way to achieving it. Breakthrough Listen is a SETI kind of project that listen for artificial signals from 1700 nearby stars up to 160 light years.

Some shots from Sofia. A very bright sky place. Zenith sky brightness info (2015): SQM 19.13 mag./arc sec2 Brightness 2.41 mcd/m2, Artif. bright. 2230 μcd/m2, Bortle class 6.